Tuscan aromatic herb salt

Porcigliano Olive Grove at Home: Insider tips to make your home more hospitable and flavoursome with our homemade Tuscan aromatic herb salt.

Here at Porcigliano Olive Grove, we stay tuned while offering you some healthy insights to enrich your home cooking with some Tuscan touch.

Plunge yourself in the scents of our aromatic salt made with organic herbs from our farm and travel with your senses.

Porcigliano Olive Grove is the perfect country house rental near Florence ideal for families and groups of friends. This accommodation is only 25 minutes away from Florence and all the other hidden gems of Tuscany. We are located in the green Mugello valley near Florence, a land rich in history and traditions. The Mugello valley, cradle of P.D.O. and P.G.I. agriculture produce, is rich in local farms markets and is renewed for organic meet, dairy products, Porcini mushrooms, Truffles, olive oil, wine and the Marrone chestnut.

Following up on our traditions, we are proud to share with you our signature recipe for this mouth-watering organic herbs aromatic salt.

Salt helps define the strength of the aroma, and if you have ever been at an Italian grandma’s house on Sunday you might know a powerful aroma is a quasi-religious experience.

As a matter of fact, taste is partially defined by the smell. Also, salt balances sweetness and sourness (e.g. a pinch of salt in your cake, hello?) and can suppress bitterness. Do you still think salt is bland? Yes? All right. Then, let us introduce you to the ultimate salty experience: aromatic salts.

Our favourite is a mix of rosemary, sage, garlic, thyme, juniper berries, bay leaves, black and white peppercorns and coarse salt. Sprinkle it over your roast vegetables before putting them into the oven or sprinkle over your roast meat or steak, fish, burgers, French fries or just add to your soup. You can rest assured that your neighbours will suddenly pop into your house, finding whatever excuse to spend time in your culinary sanctuary. It happens all the time at Porcigliano Olive Grove , and the aroma is to blame!


1kg coarse sea salt

20 grams of rosemary (without the woody part)

20 grams of sage

10 grams bay leaves

20 grams thyme

5 cloves garlic pealed

1 tablespoon black and white peppercorns

½ tablespoon juniper berries

After mixing the ingredients together place them in a clay or glass tray for 2 days cover it with a tablecloth and place it in a dry and ventilated part of the kitchen. After this, grind down the mixture with a coffee grinder or a food processor. The mixture is now ready to be placed in few glass jars before storing them in a dry place away from the light.

The salt dries out the herbs preserving their vivid flavour for months. 

Use it whenever you feel like it. The salt lasts for up to one year.

Porcigliano Olive Grove, the ideal vacation rental near Florence is happy to welcome you back with a jar of our signature aromatic salt. A little touch from our heart.

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