The green gold of Tuscany

The Etruscans first and the Romans after, spread agriculture by planting vines and olives trees across Tuscany, hence it is also thanks to them if the olive trees have become the main element of the Tuscan landscape.
Until 19th century, olive oil was considered a very luxury good, a status symbol for the leaders of the time, also used as a currency.
Nowadays we know everything about wine. We know about grape vines, places of origin, vintage, and organoleptic properties. However, we know very little about Olive Oil. We have lost a large part of this gastronomic, cultural, and symbolic heritage that has accompanied the development of humanity. Nevertheless, extra virgin olive oil is a key element of the Mediterranean diet with its well-proven health benefits.

This is why at Porcigliano Olive Grove we worked hard to bring back to full production a century-old olive trees plantation. Porcigliano Olive Grove is the perfect country house rental near Florence ideal for families and groups of friends. This accommodation is only 25 minutes away from Florence. We are located in the green Mugello valley near Florence, a land rich in history and traditions.
Thanks to these traditions and to our dedication we now produce a fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano “Florentine hills” PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) from the typical indigenous varieties such as frantoio, moraiolo, leccino and pendolino. The oil obtained from these three varieties is deep green in color, distinguished by vegetal aromas such us freshly cut grass, artichoke, thistle and it is slightly bitter with a fruity taste which certifies its quality.
We also spread the culture of Oil to allow people improving their knowledge of our green gold while appreciating its qualitiies and benefits. But how to become an oil lover and learn on how to taste it? Pour a small amount of oil into a glass, heat it for a few seconds in your hands to enhance the intensity of the aroma and then taste a very small amount by passing it over the palate. Depending on the varaities and the level of ripeness of the olives, you may sense different aromas and flavours from a marked pinch of bitterness and spiciness to a more fruity touch. The tasters use small blue or brown glasses to better focus on the aromas and flavors.
At Porcigliano Olive Grove the ideal vacation rental near Florence, we will introduce you to the culture of olive oil for a rewarding sensorial experice while discovering the essence of this green gold of Tuscany.