Via degli Dei, the Trails of the Gods.

la via degli dei mugello porcigliano

The ancient road that connected Tuscany and Emilia, that was rediscovered by local and international walkers. This trails is a landmark in the green Mugello valley near Florence the perfect spot for a Holiday rental in Tuscany.

Let’s play with the imagination: we are in 500 BC, long rows of carriegies, merchands and travelers cross the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The “Via degli Dei” (The Trails of Gods), a 130 kilometer route that the Etruscans used to transport goods from Fiesole to Bologna, is one of today’s most suggestive trails of slow tourism. It combines significant historical-cultural aspects with a naturalistic landscape full of charm.
The itinerary develops over five stages between Florence and Bologna passing tbrough Mugello and the Appenine mountains. Also an opportunity to discover the Mugello area and its hidden gems, including food and art. A local country house rental near Florence is a great opportunity for travellers to be hosted along the trail.
For those departing from Tuscany, the itinerary starts from Piazza della Signoria in downtown Florence, then passes through Fiesole, where the route runs alongside two 9th century churches, Santa Margherita a Saletta and Sant’Ilario a Montereggi .
From Fiesole the itinerary continous through Monte Senario, with the historic Sanctuary (note a fresco of the Seven Founding Saints of Pietro Annigoni). Near the Sanctuary you can stop at Porcigliano Olive Grove, the perfect Mugello house rental near Florence ideal for families and groups of friends. This accommodation seats on the itinerary and is only 30 minutes from Florence.

Porcigliano Olive Grove will provide you with all the information about the itinerary Trails of the Gods.

From Porcigliano, the itinerary reaches San Piero a Sieve whith its astonish Trebbio Castle, an historic Medici residence built by Michelozzo on a hill that offers a breathtaking view over the Mugello valley. From there the itinerary continous across the Appennine mountains to end in Bologna.

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