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A reach network of trails and pathways to discover the beauty of the Mugello valley.

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Trail3: Polcanto – Monte Giovi

Distance: 5,3 km
Length: 4.3 hours
Difference in altitude: 650m

Trail 3/A: Vetta le Croci – Feriolo – Cercingoli – Montepulico

Distance: 10,4 km
Length: 3.45 hours
Difference in altitude:  770m

Trail 3/B: Cercingoli – Monte Calvana – Monte Ripaghera

Distance: 2,2 km
Length: 1 hour
Difference in altitude: 260m

Trail 9: Sagginale- S. Cresci in Valcava – Monte Giovi

Distance: 6,4 km
Length: 3 hours
Difference in altitude: 600m

Trail 9/A: (Vicchio) – Campestri – Inn. it. 9 (M. Giovi)

Distance: 3,7 km
Length: 2 hours
Difference in altitude: 280 m

Trails in close proximity to the house


Trail 00: Da Tagliaferro a Monte Senario e a Vetta Le Croci- valico Alberacci 

Distance: 8,8 km
Length: 5 hours
Difference in altitude: 500m

Trail 1: Polcanto- C.Ferrucci-Monte Senario

Distance: 0,9 km
Length: 1.3 hours
Difference in altitude: 429m

Trail 2P: Anello di Monte Senario

Distance: 3 km
Length: 2 ora e 30 minuti
Difference in altitude: 150m 

Trails 14: (Firenze) La Querciola – P. Capanne – M. Senario

Distance: 3,9 km
Length: 2 ora e 30 minuti
Difference in altitude: 600m

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The Florence Springs Hiking excursion system is a great hiking circuit.

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Designed to emphasize the link of Florence with the valleys and ridges that give the characteristic landscape.


The Stilicone Trail.  From VETTA ALLE CROCI to FIESOLE - Trail CAI 10 (2,45 h)

The trail is called Stilicone, in honor of the Roman general who defeated the Barbarian Ostrogoth army Radagaiso in 406 AD at Monte Reggi, thus preventing the destruction of Florence. It is said that it was a bloody battle, won thanks to the skill of Stilicone. Perhaps the nearby Vetta alle Croci, is so named for the numerous burials after the battle.

A walk along the area of Leonardo da Vinci. From FIESOLE to MONTECECERI

The hill of Montececeri (415 mt s.l.m.), famous for the quarries of pietra serena rises on the eastern edges of the ancient Etruscan city known as Fiesole. The importance of the area is also given by historical and cultural events: in 1506, on the Fiesole hill took place the revolutionary testing of the Flight Machine, the "Great Kite", designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

From the abbey of Buonsollazzo to the monastery of MONTESENARIO

Following the trail 00, up the hill surrounded by chestnuts and oaks trees, you can reach the  monastery in about 1.5 hours. The monastery was built in 1241A.D. and still today offers services and a breathtaking view over the valley.


Artistic and naturalistic itineraries to discover the history of Mugello.

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1) The trail of the Burraie

The Burraia is ancient stone structure, usually built close to farmhouses and water springs, that were used for the production of butter. From Vetta le Croci  follow the trail 00 and once you reach Poggio Ripaghera you can see the first  Burraia. The follow the trail 2 towards Madonna del Sasso to find another Burraia in the area of Nannarino. 

Distance: 9km

Length: 3.5 hours


2) The ring of Caprile

From Vetta alle Croci follow the trail 00 towards Poggio Ripaghera .Pass by the area of  Casa Meleto and follow towards fosso di Caprile. Here you will spot the burraia of Caprile and of  Peretola, 

Distance: 7 km

Length: 2 hours 


An authentic Tuscan experience through the discovery of our local beauties

FLORENCE: It is one of the most visited historical cities in the whole world and was elected UNESCO heritage. It develops along the banks of the river Arno and it is surrounded by its typical rolling hills, villas and historical gardens. Florence is also renewed for its historical buildings, museums, art galleries, sculptures, churches, small alleys and lush renaissance gardens known as floreal paradise; hence the name Florenzia or flower city.


Mugello is a green and lush valley rich in history and traditions that seats at the doorstep of Florence. Visit the village of Borgo San Lorenzo, Vicchio (Giotto and Beato Angelico's hometown), and Scarperi renewed since medieval time for its knives.


In the area of Pomino and Rufina it is produced an excellent Chianti red Wine, whereas San Piero and Vicchio are renewed for its Pinot Noir. The Mugello area is also rich in P.D.O. and P.G.I. produces such as meet, diary products, oil, porcini mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts.


Fiesole represents an impressive example of a well preserved old enclave where the Etruscan first and the Roman after rooted. Thanks to their presence we can still admire the beauty of the architecture such as the colossal stone walls, the thermal baths, the tepidarium, the amphitheater and a medieval monastery. The hill of Fiesole was also chosen by Leonardo da Vinci to test his first flying machine.

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A gondola ride along the banks of river Arno in Florence.


David at the Accademy Gallery


Uffizi Gallery


The Duomo, Florence Cathedral


Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens



The Last Supper in Santa Croce


San Miniato Church



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Bird-watching at WWF Oasis of Gabbianello





Dante’s Train is a journey from Florence to Faenza on the 1893 old railway on a low speed t11rain that allows you to enjoy and admire the surrounding landscape of Mugello and Emilia-Romagna. The train wants to retrace those places he loved so much and that inspired Dante Alighieri, who was born in Florence in 1265. The rais is 101 kilometers long.


Adventure Park il Gigante

Gigante Adventure Park is located in the hamlet of Pratolino (municipality of Vaglia) in Via Fiorentina. The park promotes a fun-learning activity in contact with nature. The ticket allows you to stay in the park for 2 hours and includes the hire of norm equipment and compulsory attendance at the training course.


Mugello on bike

For bike lovers it will be a real adventure travel the Mugello Valley by bike because it allows the tourist to savor the villages and above all the nature that populate it and surrounds it.


Mugello on Horseback

Among the many excursions that can be made there is also to go on the Mugello on horseback.

It is possible to book excursions, even one day, or try Mugello on horseback for the first time. The territory is full of equestrian centers where you can experience the experience of learning to ride or travel the Mugellan woods riding a horse.


Vintage Car Tours

The tour in vintage cars are increasingly taking field and the demands are more and more.

The lovers of vintage cars to discover Mugello in vintage car, has always been a land of engines.
Going to discover the Mugello hills, the little countries rich in history, art and culture will all have another flavor. The journey to Mugello in vintage car will become something unique and unrepeatable.


Tax-Free Shopping

The ideal place to shop in Mugello is Barberino Designer Outlet, located just a few meters from the Barberino di Mugello highway exit.

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