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4 May 2015

Traditional, local farm produce and trade&craft

prodottiMugelloThe products from Mugello, are the result of ancient local traditions and knowledge.

Mugello has often been considered “the farm of  Florence.”

The renewed and delicious IGP Chestnuts, truffles and porcini mushrooms, chestnut honey are only few of the local produces and the fine ingredients used in the Mugello cuisine tradition.

Since ancient times, The Mugello supplied timber and coal for the city of Florence. The abundance of water favored the presence of the mills to grind wheat, corn, dried chestnuts for human consumption and as “fodder” (barley and oats) for livestock. Cattle farming has deep roots in the Mugello; which allows for the production of high quality organic milk and cheeses.

Water and stone mills is certainly one of the oldest traditions. Nowadays, stone mills are still in use to grind MGOs free grains. Similarly, the tradition of the “masons of stone” where valuable pieces for both exteriors and interiors are carved, such as as capitals, columns, floors, fountains. On the other hand the tradition of Cutting Tools (knife) and Ceramic Art are 5 centuries old. In Scarperia the presence of workshops for the production of cutting tools was large, due to the demand from the militaries of the times (daggers, spears and swords), but also as home and work utensils (forks and punches, pruning knives, shears and pocket). In the area of San Piero a Sieve, the Medici family started the furnaces business, a tradition that will be than inherited by the Chini family in Borgo San Lorenzo.

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