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27 April 2015
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Origin of the name Porcigliano

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the time of deciding on how to call our B&B, we knew this had to have a strong bond with the local area and his historical heritage. We started by asking local elderly farmer, who remembered of the area as a generous farming land.

Further, we did some research and learnt that most current location names ending ano or ana, such as Galliano, Figliano, Pulicciano and Porcigliano are of Latin origin and most probably linked to the presence of different families that settled during the roman empire.


In a register of the Work of the Cathedral of Florence (1433), we can read of a payment made to Bino di Michele (Bino son of Michele) from Porcigliano (Polcanto) for firewood to keep the workers warm as they worked on the construction of the Cupola of the Cathedral.

Other news of Porcigliano, can be found again around 1594 when the new priest of St. Donato a Polcanto and of St. Niccolò alla Pila began to record the marriages, deaths and “tithes” to pay for the maintenance of the Church.

This is what is recorded in church documents:

  • The farm of Porcigliano bushel one of wheat
  • The tower of Porcigliano fourth one of wheat
  • The earths of the Manti in Porcigliano measures one of wheat

In the end, a very detailed hand-drawn map of the area dated 1660, that we found in the old public records and registry shows the name Porcigliano.

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