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3 June 2015

An inside view

A pre-view of some of our most memorable areas that will offer you a warm and familiar welcoming for a good start of your stay. After your daily tour discovering new itineraries and special places and experiencing a total new way of exploring and travelling around, you will enjoy the sunset from our garden in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere while sipping on a refreshing glass of wine or preferred tea. Our quite garden and the surrounding area also offer the right spot for an interesting reading and allow the travelers to contemplate the beauty of the nature sounds.
In our airy and bright conservatory with its breathtaking view over the green valley, you can take pleasure in reading, relaxing, making conversation with other guests or planning some itineraries following the suggestions we will be happy to share with you. Your senses will be delighted by the scents of roses, lavender, sages, rosemary and by the many other flowers that abound in the garden. 

ambienti e dettagli

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