trekking in toscana

Along the Via degli Dei, from Florence to Bologna

Mugello is a wide and green valley that from the north of Florence extends to the Apennines: a strong and generous land some yet to be discovered. Rich in natural beauties and authentic places, rolling hills and mighty mountains, and dense forests of chestnut.

A pleasant landscape that frees the mind, satisfies the senses, calms the spirit, instills tranquility.

In our valley there are many trails and paths to follow on foot or by bicycle, but also on horseback and mountain biking. Among the most suggestive routes and places we suggest:

  • La Via degli Dei An ancient path connecting Bologna to Fiesole and Florence. Today the “Via degli Dei” has become one of the main tourist attractions for those who love to travel on foot in Tuscany.
  • Mount Giovi Cultural Park /strong>, The Mount Giovi area is undoubtedly of great naturalistic interest, presents typically mountainous characteristics such as dense chestnut and beech woods The park is also a “memorial” to recent history.
  • The WWF Gabbianello Oasis he Oasis is a natural habitat created for the preservation of humid habitats. During migration, numerous interesting species of birds – the white stork, crane, wild goose, black winged stilt, bittern, flamingo, and the rare osprey – make this area their home.
  • The Medicean Park of Pratolino Among meadows, forests and lakes, one of the largest parks in Tuscany and World Heritage site by UNESCO. A green oasis build by a Medici, Francis I, who made it as a wonderland park.

..“Traveling is walking toward the horizon, meet each other, learn, discover and come back richer than when the journey had begun”  Luis Sepulveda

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